What Are the Causes of Tonsil Stones in Children?

Tonsil stones appear as a result of overactive salivary glands, white blood cells and oral bacteria that gather in a whitish deposit on the surface of the tonsils. This is a condition that is mostly seen with adults, but children may as well suffer from this disease and when this happens, as a parent you need to have your kid checked with a doctor.

In this way you will know how severe it can be and not allow it to evolve in further complications. These ones can be in the form of spreading the bacteria that got gathered in the white pustules and lead to other types of infections. If the condition is handled properly your kid won’t have any problems in the future with the tonsils.

Tonsils are very important part in the immunity that your kid’s body builds while growing up. They are located at the back side of the throat for a reason: to protect the kid’s body from any infection that can affect your kid’s body system. You can see them as a barrier that gets hold of the foreign harmful substances that otherwise will affect the lungs and the intestines, if the tonsils are not there. This is why at this stage of your kid’s life it is important to check for the safety of their tonsils and not resort to removing them unless it is recommended by the doctor.

It is true that once the tonsils are removed the tonsil stones won’t bother your kid again, but your kid won’t have that natural protection against infections that is ensured by this barrier. With the surgical procedure a part of the defenders ring (“Waldeyer’s Ring”) is also removed depriving your kid’s body of the natural protection against bad bacteria and infections.

With children the tonsils come in bigger size and once they grow up these tonsils tend to shrink to a smaller size and this is why it is important to have them guarded against tonsil stones. This condition is not felt by your kid, when tonsil stones are smaller in size – they appear as small white beads attached to the tonsil surface. For this fact your kid will not even exhibit any symptom but these symptoms appear when they become larger in size and they are such as: coughing sporadically, choking, having problems with swallowing foods, and a discomfort in the back side of the throat.

In order to prevent this from happening as a parent you should look out for educating your kid with a proper oral hygiene by brushing the teeth at least twice a day and using as well the dental flossing. They need also to0 be taught how to rinse and at times to use salty water for gargling to clear their throat of accumulating bacteria.

Using the Right Mouthwash for Tonsil Stones

One may think that tonsil stones are those formations of infection accumulation that is already too hardened to be that easily eliminated from the back of your throat. Well, it is true that these formations can become hard enough over time if they are not properly taken care of in the meanwhile. For this fact you need to know that these stones are initially small lumps of bacterial deposits that are of a softer texture and can be easily removed if you resort to the right method of treatment.

Due to the bacterial presence that gets stuck on the tonsils, your breath can become foul and many persons suffer from this because they seem not to get rid of this bad odor whenever they are out there socializing. It makes them feel so embarrassed that they see themselves forced to adopt all sorts of immediate solutions to mask this condition.

Many times you will find people using alcohol based mouthwash to get rid of the bad breath that is created by tonsil stones. In fact they have no idea that the alcohol presence in the mouthwash brand will make the things even worse. The presence of alcohol will lead to the dryness of their mouth increasing as such the formation of more bacteria within their mouth area. As a result: more bad breath as tonsil stones are still there.

Mouthwash for tonsil stonesAt this point it is worth mentioning that mouthwash can be a good remedy for the freshly formed tonsil stones, but not the ones with alcohol in them. You must understand that once the alcohol is present it can maintain the bacteria while these ones will continue to thrive and breed.

It is therefore important to make an appointment with your doctor and inquire them about the type of mouthwash that you need to use at this stage of the tonsils stones condition. A dentist can as well address the problem accordingly so it is helpful to find out more information on the right type of mouthwash to get rid of halitosis (bad breath).

Apart from mouthwashes that are alcohol free you can as well use saline solutions to prevent tonsils stones from forming. You should use these on regular basis for at least three times per day. Another right type of mouthwash is the oxygenating type that will reach to those parts of the mouth that are hardly oxygenated these parts being an environment for bacterial deposits to grow and thrive constantly.

By oxygenating these parts of the mouth and throat dead cells may be as well removed and thus they won’t reach to attach in the form of tonsil stones. Cleaning the surface of the tongue in such a manner that there is no whitish matter left on it is another part of the oral hygiene where mouthwash can make a difference.

So, before you purchase the mouthwash, make sure you read the label and avoid the ones produced with alcohol, but purchase instead the ones with the label that reads oxygenated mouthwash.

Useful Info on Tonsil Stones Manifested in Pregnant Women

Pregnant women who experience bad breath can be because of the condition known as tonsil stones. Bad breath is also called halitosis which is more often than not associated to tonsilloliths (the other name given for tonsil stones).

But how does this bad breath is generated within your mouth? First of all, you need to know that the oral cavity bacteria that are within your mouth and throat are in a state of imbalance. Bad and good bacteria should always be in a balance within a proper functioning of the body system and its natural way to fight infections. When these infections occur there is always an imbalance presented with these bacteria and for this fact all sorts of conditions may install.

This will lead to the accumulation of mucus, fungus, putrefied debris in the area of the mouth and back throat resulting in tonsil stones and all sorts of whitish deposits at the back of the tongue. Other places where they can accumulate are the tonsil crypts from where the bad smelling matters eliminate sulphur each time you breathe out while speaking.

Most of the times, these matters can dislodge on their own relieving as such your back throat from tonsil stones. In very rare cases these can lead to more severe symptoms in both normal and pregnant women. However there is a careful intervention in this case from a doctor when they deal with pregnant women.

Bad breath can be presented as well in a more chronic form and in this case it is known as Fetor Oris when there is a poor oral hygiene. This condition is originally caused by germs that populate the mouth area because they are not properly eliminated through a normal and regular oral hygiene routine. These germs eventually gather with the mucus of the back throat leading to gum disease, tonsil stones, bacteria accumulating in deposits in lingual tonsils and many other conditions.

If you experience bad breath during pregnancy this can be also from germs that are known as anaerobic bacteria and do not tolerate the oxygen. For this fact they will search for areas within your mouth and throat that do not have oxygen or are low in oxygen. These places are: deep inside the tongue crevices, tonsil crypts, under gum line, in-cheek bio films, in mucus that is stagnant, around the teeth, and roof of the gums.

These types of bacteria will thrive the most when there is sugar substance present along with protein presence in these areas. As you can see tonsil stones are not the only reason to lead to bad breath since there are these bacteria that release unique composition where sulphur is present. The odor will be similar to that of putrefying food, decaying flesh and other aggressive and putrid smells. As a way to get rid of both tonsil stones and these bacteria that lead to bad breath, it is recommended to seek medical assistance especially with women during pregnancy.

Tonsil Stones Infection – The Treatment

Maybe tonsil stones wouldn’t be such a big deal if there wasn’t for the bad breath this condition comes with. This is due to the infection presented in the form of the small lumps of bacteria accumulated under white color on the tissue of these tonsils.

As any other infectious ailment this comes with an odor that one can barely stand especially that it is in their mouth and is perceived in the outside with every exhalation of the breathing process. This can be very awkward also for the persons to whom they address to making any communication almost an embarrassment. In order to get rid of this tonsil stones infection one needs to look out for a way to treat it without confronting with its re-occurrence.

At this stage you might want to reach to the root of the cause that generates this infection that affects the back side of your throat. Bad breath or halitosis in medical terms, seems to be a persistent problem that many people will try to mask it by various methods.

Some may reach for chewing fresh mints or chewing gum with peppermint flavor in order to hide this problem, but this is not a way to treat the root of the cause, that’s for sure! What is there to do when tonsil stones become even larger and lead to accesses of rotten coughs when the least expected? In this case no peppermint gum can help you from keeping the bad odor coming out of your mouth. Not to mention also the pain that accompanies the coughing!

At this point you can seek medical assistance and doctor will prescribe antibiotics but when the condition fails to disappear, then surgery can be also on top of the list of solutions. However, getting your tonsils removed is not at all something that you will want because these organs have their protective role in combating any infection from spreading within your body. Surgery for this fact should be at the end of the list of solutions for treating tonsil stones.

It is important to find first the treatments that cure the infection in its primary stages. One way could be to reach for diets that are balanced in fruits and vegetables that improve the immune system functions followed as well by regular oral hygiene.

This includes brushing teeth in the mornings and in the evenings, flossing, cleaning the tongue of bad bacteria and food particles and also eliminating the debris between the teeth. Gargling is another way to remove the accumulation of food rests that get stuck within the mouth and eliminating any debris that can attach to the tonsils. Avoiding drinking alcohol and smoking are other treatments to help you get rid of tonsil stones.

Using mouthwash comes as another method of eliminating bad breath but it is important to look for that brand that is alcohol free. Any other ingredient in toothpaste that makes the mouth feel dry is as well recommended along with those brands of toothpaste that contain artificial sugars.

Tonsil Stones – Resorting to Natural Treatments

When you are already sick and tired of recurrent attacks of throat infections that lead to tonsil stones you will want to know which those natural treatments are the best for this condition. Tonsilloliths, the other name that tonsils stones go by, can become very painful when these stones have reached enough bigger size to prevent you from swallowing the foods without manifesting soreness in the throat and pain. Apart from this, you can experience bad breath which is an impediment for allowing you to properly socialize out there in the public life and personal relationships.

But what exactly are these tonsils stones and why does your breath stink when you present these stones? First of all, with the sensitiveness that your throat manifests after so many inflammations and viral attacks, it is no wonder that all sorts of bacteria and debris accumulate at the level of your back throat right where your tonsils are.

When they are inflamed the food particles and bacteria can get easily attached to them and reside there because the environment presented in there allows them to thrive better. Once you see that these stones become a recurrent presence, you start thinking of solutions to get rid of them. Ok, you can go with medical cures in the form of antibiotics, but you are afraid of their side effects. So, natural treatments might be a better solution to think of.

Read on and find out what is there to do and leave aside conventional medication choosing instead natural ways to cure the tonsil stones:

Check with nutrition. At this stage of the curing plan you should consider avoiding those foods that allow bacterial deposits to thrive. These foods are in the form of diary products that are rich in calcium and once you ingest them the oral mucosa will increase promoting the stone formation. Another part of the nutritional plan is to consume products that are rich in pro-biotics.

Check with the oral hygiene which is very important for preventing the tonsil stones or tonsillolithis. For this fact make sure that after each meal you will brush your teeth, gums, and clean the tongue from debris. Use flossing after main meals to remove any rest of the food particles. Also part of the oral hygiene is regular gargling with saline water that will help into softening the deposits and making it easier to remove the white lumps from the tonsil surface. Cotton swabs can help also into pressing gently on the tonsils and thus remove the white lumps.

With saline gargles the growth of bacteria in the mouth will be prevented and thus the tonsil stones are eliminated gradually and surely.

Tonsil Stones – How to Remove Them Correctly

If you search the internet for solutions regarding safe removal of tonsil stones you will come across all kinds of methods and treatments from the home remedies that are known to help to antibiotics and eventually tonsillectomy which goes for surgery that removes the tonsils for good. Once these ones are eliminated then you rest assured that tonsil stones (tonsilloliths) won’t bother you again. But what can be that bothersome with some tiny deposits of calculus on the surface of your tonsils?

Well, for starters this condition may exhibit a bad breath that it is hard to get rid of. This is because the nature of these stones is infectious and any infection comes with its specific foul due to the presence of bad bacteria. It is true on the other hand, that tonsils tones do not cause any threat to the overall state of health, but once they advance into larger amounts of calcium buildups, you will have difficulty in swallowing being left with the only possibility of changing your diet of solid foods into liquid foods and juices.

Apart from this, you will exhibit coughing attacks that come in their turn with that bad odor that you can hardly stand let alone the persons who stand close to you. In this way you will be afraid to even speak to someone for fear that the bad smell coming from your mouth will send them away.

Other things that you may come across the internet and that is related to tonsil stones and how to get rid of them are the myths accompanying this condition. For instance, one myth is that tonsil stones can dislodge on their own if you jump on a trampoline. Well, this may be true on very rare occasions, but this is not the guarantee that tonsil stones won’t reoccur with the next infection. Once the infection will be present, then tonsils will accumulate again in their folds those white lumps of bacteria and debris.

Another myth will go for having the tonsils removed, but doctors won’t recommend you as the first solution, but rather the last one on their list of solving this problem. They will try at a certain point to prescribe antibiotics, but again these ones are a temporary relief not guaranteeing that tonsil stones won’t occur again in the future.

So, after all what is the correct way to get rid of tonsil stones without any side effects or the fear for them to reoccur with the first cold or flu? The correct way to do it is to always take care of your oral hygiene and make this care become your habit. Educate yourself with the right way of using mouthwash, toothpaste and dental floss and stay away from catching colds while taking more vitamin C to increase the functions of your immune system.

Sinus Infection and Tonsil Stones – Is There Any Connection?

Maybe you have heard many people saying that due to the tonsil stones condition you can exhibit as well sinus infection. But you need to go deeper into the process that this condition forms before you reach wrong conclusions. This is because sinus infection is actually formed at the upper part of your head whereas the tonsil stones form at the back side of the throat meaning at the bottom area of your head. You see, it is simply a matter of knowing a little bit of anatomy and the role of gravity law in this equation before you reach certain medical conclusions.

But let’s start first by saying that tonsil stones are actually formations of soft accumulations of dead cells, mucus secretion, oral bacteria, and post nasal drips that attach to the crypts of the tonsils. These crypts are actually the folded tissue that presents at the surface of these glands. Yes, these accumulations may be called ‘stones’ but in fact they are quite the opposite of the hard texture of a stone! They appear in a white or yellowish color and are visible to the naked eye if you open widely your mouth and stick your tongue out.

However, as much as they are not thought of being harmful to your overall health tonsil stones come with a strong odor released with your breathing exhale. This foul comes due to the combination of those matters described above which release a sulfur-like smell.

Now if you wonder whether sinus infection creates this condition, you may have understood by now that there is the matter that goes down at the bottom of the mouth depositing on the tonsils to lead to tonsil stones. When sinus infection appears this one comes with mucus secretion that goes down the nasal passages and thus reaching the surface of the tonsils. It is the sinus infection that can result in tonsil stones and not other way around.

As a conclusion to all these, you should remember that tonsilloliths or tonsil stones can not be formed without the presence of the mucus secretion or any other infectious drip. If there were no sinus infection, then no stones would be formed on the folds of the tonsils. The area here will be all clean especially if you maintain a proper oral hygiene.

But once your sinuses get infected as a result of a cold or flu, then there will be mucus secretion that will go down the nose pathways and reach the back of the throat. In here it comes across to tonsils and since they have the role of stopping any infection to go pass them they will stop that secretion from spreading down the body system.

Should You Take Antibiotics for Tonsil Stones?

If you wonder whether antibiotics are recommended for tonsil stones you should find out more about this condition prior to rush into taking this type of medication. Many people would go for having the tonsils removed just for the sake of not suffering from recurrent infections at the level of their tonsils. At this point you should know that tonsils are important to the health status because they have a serious role in providing protection against a series of infections that can localize at this part of the throat.

Tonsil stones come in various sizes, but initially they can appear in the form of small accumulation of whitish matter with a minimum of two various components. At this stage they can be that small that you won’t notice them with your naked eye. It is also true that with this size the only thing they can come with is a bad breath that can be quite annoying.

But as they grow into larger sizes, these tonsil stones will prevent you from swallowing foods and also become painful. At this point doctors might recommend the use of antibiotics in the form of erythromycin or penicillin but only for the sake of relieving the pain for a short period of time. With a prolong use of antibiotics, other health issues may appear and this is due to the interference of antibiotics with the bacterial environment within your body.

The thing is that with tonsil stones, the presence of spherical Gram-positive bacteria occurs in the form of pairs or chains and they will need to come outside the throat area before they get more infected. Once your body is exposed to a viral infection these stones can become enlarged and mononucleosis installs although this one can disappear over time with hot soups and gargling. It is the presence of these streps that randomly bout for which doctors can recommend antibiotics on short term administration.

On the other hand, repeated throat inflammation can make this part of the throat become more sensitive and thus more vulnerable to occurrence of tonsil stones. This is because with these repeated inflammations and throat infections mucus and bacteria can get trapped on the tonsil surface. And as if this one is not enough, also food debris can get stuck in there making the matter even worse.

This debris is responsible for calcifying the stones but at the same time their composition can differ from one person to another. One thing is certain though: their composition is made of at least two types of matter to which others can as well gather.

There is another even more annoying thing. Once you got rid of these small white lumps, your tonsil can again present them with the first sign of cold or throat infection. Perhaps the most common cause is the bad oral hygiene that one has for their mouth. Another cause of reoccurrence of tonsil stones is the hereditary factor along with a constant antibiotic administration for throat infections.

Post Nasal Drips and Tonsil Stones – Things to Know

Post nasal drips can lead to the condition known as tonsil stones. Even if this condition is not necessarily a sever one as you can get rid of it with all sorts of natural remedies there are some aspects that you need to know of in order to prevent this condition from reoccurring.

This article will introduce you to some useful information regarding the PNDs (Post Nasal Drips) which are in fact those annoying mucous coming from your nose and which can enter the back of your throat leading as such to the formation of tonsil stones as well as throat irritation.

Due to the presence of these nasal drips, tonsils can accumulate them in the form of whitish deposits of the size of small beads. If they are not properly taken care of, these nasal drips can accumulate more and thus leading to making the stones larger and thus suffer from painful reactions. Apart from this, you can as well experience a frequent occurrence even if you got rid of the tonsils stones in the meanwhile.

One way to deal with post nasal drips is to do what other people do in this situation: buy nasal irrigation units that help into flushing the nasal passage when using these units on regular basis. In this way the excessive mucus will be eliminated without having the possibility of running down the throat and create that tonsil stones condition. The thing is that with more mucus feeding the surface of the affected tonsils there is more protein that feeds as such the disease helping the stones to grow bigger.

If you consider purchasing nasal irrigation kits you will help as such into clearing the nasal passages while the amount of mucus and bacteria is eliminated without reaching further down the throat. When you purchase the kit you will find in there instructions on how to use it while preparing a saline solution (salt and water) to administer it to your nasal passages through the specific kit. After you administer this solution you will find more relief because excess mucus is eliminated and even your breath becomes more improved.

If you wonder how to prevent these nasal drips from occurring, you should learn that drinking water in large amounts is of a great help. Another thing that you should do that will help you stay away from getting tonsil stones is to avoid dairy and sugary products. These ones contain plenty of proteins that will feed the mucus that will make the tonsils stones grow even bigger. You can as well take Sudafed that can be found within any drug store to bring you relief while making use as well of the anti-post nasal drips irrigator.

Another preventive method is to avoid alcoholic beverages, mouth washes that are based on alcohol, and milk. You should at all times have a proper oral hygiene with flossing regularly after your main meals, scrapping the tongue, brush the gums as well, to minimize the effects that bacteria come with.

Chinese Remedy for Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones come as a condition that not many people are aware of simply because in its minimal manifestation it presents no severe pain and for this fact it can be present at the back side of your throat without you knowing of its existence. Another curious thing about this condition is that it can also get eliminated on its own when there is a small accumulation of whitish lumps that can be dislodged if you gargle a few times with salty water and help them dislocate from the tonsil surface.

On the other hand, when tonsil stones get enlarged and calcified it would be harder to have them removed that easily. In many circumstances doctors will prescribe antibiotics but the use of these ones can result in bacterial imbalances. As such you may experience other health issues that you would also want to stay away from.

So what else can be done, when tonsil stones have grown too big? Doctors would go for tonsillectomy, the removal of tonsils but in the future you will have to watch out for cold, avoiding hot and icy foods, and other situations where inflammation can occur easier with your throat. This is because the tonsils won’t be there any more to protect your body from potential infections and bad bacteria attacks.

This article will introduce you to Chinese remedies that can help you take care of the tonsil stones without needing to resort to surgical removal of the tonsils. There are as well other alternative medicine methods provided by homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicine, but Chinese remedies are the topic of this present article in treating tonsil stones effectively and in an efficient way.

At this point you may want to know that Chinese remedies approach diseases in various ways. If you take a look at their suggestions you will find that the food we take in is responsible fore the way our body reacts to various conditions, tonsils stones included among them. In this case, the level of toxins and the quality of digestion play an important role into curing the condition.

It is therefore recommended for you when suffering from tonsil stones, to avoid foods that are rich in acids and toxins. These foods consist mainly in white sugar, red meats, butter, more salt, and fried foods.

As opposed to these foods you should consider taking more foods rich in antioxidants that give a boost to your immune system. These foods are cabbage, pomegranate, blueberries, carrots and raspberries. Ginger juice in combination with carrots will help into detoxifying the body and as a result the tonsil stones can as well be gone before you knew it. Other remedies recommended by Chinese medicine come in the form of herbs such as mu xiang and guy a or even consuming brown rice in the form of sprout are good into regulating the digestion eliminating toxins in their majority.